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Don't Fear the Female

Women's Country
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Women In Fanfic
This a fanfic community to discuss issues concerning the characterization of women in fandom and in fanfic, as well as to promote particularly well-written stories in which one (or more) of the major characters is female.

The idea for this community came about when the moderators were complaining about the dearth of well-written female characters in "Pirates of the Caribbean," their particular fandom. Lack of interesting female characters in the canon means a lack of female characters in the fanon, so they thought that it would be nice to have a place to collect and recommend such stories. Discussion of issues regarding how women are portrayed in fanfic, as well as issues concerning the writing of good, believable female characters is highly encouraged. This may have started with PoTC, but everyone is welcome; admittedly, this might seem a bit superfluous for "Sailor Moon" or "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," but there are lots of other fandoms in which women are not so fortunate as to have the starring roles. If yours is one of those fandoms, then this community is for you.


1. Stories and story recommendations for all fandoms, types, pairings
and ratings are welcome, as long as one of the major characters is a
woman. Yes, this includes m/m slash or mpreg. We adore OFCs!
2. NO CHILD PORN OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER. Don't quibble on this; we
all know what it means. If you have a questionable fic, contact one
of the moderators and ask them about it BEFORE posting.
3. Make sure the fic is beta'd, or at least spell-checked before
posting/recommending it.
4. Follow this format:

Pairing (if applicable):
Warnings (if applicable):

Content or link to content. If it's especially long, put it behind an lj-cut. Tag appropriately: if your fandom isn't listed, we'll add it.

5: Follow this rough guideline for ratings:

G: General audience. Nothing you couldn't say or do in front of a
roomful of preschoolers and your grandmother.

"Oh look, James bopped that nasty pirate on the head again! Now, he's
going to give Elizabeth a peck on the cheek!"

PG: Mild violence. Vague allusions to sexuality and sexual
attraction. Go subtext!

"James kicked the pirate in the stomach, sending him overboard to the
sound of a mighty splash! Enthralled, Elizabeth leapt into James'
strong arms and they kissed without tongues."

PG-13: Moderate violence, but still no really detailed gory
descriptions. More detailed allusions to sexuality and sexual
attraction, but nothing unclothed below the belt.

"James pulled out his pistol and shot the pirate through the heart.
As the pirate collapsed to the deck, James strode up to Elizabeth and
kissed her passionately. Mad with desire, they began to explore each
other's clothed bodies with their hands as the camera faded to black."

R: Horror movie gore, sexuality and nudity, but nothing overtly explicit.

"James drew his sword and ran the pirate through the heart. As the
man's lifeblood spurted everywhere, James cut off his head and put the
decapitated skull on a pike. Elizabeth ran up to him, ripped his
clothes off, and they proceeded to [BLEEP] like mad, sex-crazed monkeys
on the deck."

(Obviously, you don't need to bleep out obscenities, if it has an R rating. I just had to keep the profile clean.)

NC-17: Anything goes.

If I have to explain what James and Elizabeth do here, then I weep for
the Internet. :)

How to Get Banned:

1. Post child porn. Seriously, don't even think about it.
2. Flame. Keep it calm and respectful. On the flip side of this,
don't be overly sensitive: take concrit in the spirit which it was
3. Become an administrative hassle. Read the rules, follow the
rules, observe general netiquette and use common sense. This is a
labor of love for us, but we do have lives of our own, and fics we'd
like to finish, and we'd much rather be doing those things than
dealing with aggravated wankery. Though we are despots, we are
benevolent despots, and no one will get banned for violating this rule
without significant warning first.